Various Resources for
Education and Research

The Archive comprises all of Takenobu Igarashi’s design works, select sculptures, other artworks, and works and books by other artists. Igarashi donated all these pieces to KIT.

The artworks feature graphic and product designs, axonometric alphabets, craftwork, and sculpture. In addition, valuable materials that reveal the iterative process, such as models, sketches, tools, design originals, photographs, and books, are included. Created throughout Igarashi’s career spanning over half a century, the Archive houses a collection of 5,000 pieces. As an assemblage of Takenobu Igarashi’s innovative and imaginative artworks, the collection exemplifies his creative brilliance and will be an important resource for designers and educators worldwide. On this page, some of the representative works are introduced.

The archive collections are available to graduate students and above or those with equivalent qualifications for a special viewing of works and materials for research and investigation. Please contact us.

Various Resources for Education and Research


Graphic Design

Product Design

Alphabet Sculpture

Craft Design